B2B Executive Appointment Setting

B2B Executive

Meeting Setting


Reach Decision Makers

If your organization or firm relies on corporate buyers, partnerships, or funding... we know your pain!

Reaching out to corporations can seem daunting… I mean, where do you even start?  

The sales process begins by first narrowing down the appropriate industry, selecting the best companies to speak with, learning about their management structure, identifying which executives are decision makers, researching their online personas (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc), finding out their direct emails and phone numbers, determining the best times to contact them. 


All of this needs to be done before you even start your outreach!  

Once the due diligence phase is completed, you will now enter the enchanted land of gatekeepers (hint: their job is specifically to keep out cold callers and emailers), unanswered calls and voice mails, ignored emails (if you’re not sent to Spam), flat out rejections. 

And what if you actually get someone to reply to an email or even scarier, answer your call… what are you going to say so they don't hang up within the first 5 seconds?? 

You better make sure that your script is tight, voice is polished, and value proposition is strong! 

If not, you’re dead in the water.    

Yes, getting the attention decision makers is tough, but it’s definitely not impossible.  Even better, these very decision makers are eager to learn more, be better, and stay competitive, but don’t always have the time to stay “in the know” and constantly scout new business partnerships.


This translates to huge opportunity for your firm if you can resolve their needs! 

Remember what was said earlier: solve someone’s problems, earn their money.  

Lucky for you, AlphaLink has the experience, technology, and professionalism to handle highly targeted/personalized outreach, identify the appropriate buyer and decision maker (as well as contact details), create compelling messaging, and secure time on their calendars. 


We coordinate warm introductions on your behalf to initiate productive discussions and lucrative corporate partnerships.  

We open the door, you close the sale!  Literally, all you have to do is show up.  

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