Many brilliant organizations and technologies exist that can drastically improve our world and prevent the continual degradation of our planet.

Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with them.

Alpha Link enables these innovative leaders (alphas) to connect (link) with Consumer Brands / Buyers / Investors to:

  • form new partnerships

  • create commercial opportunities 

  • accelerate sustainable solutions





Business success relies on meeting the right person and delivering the right message at the right time.  

As simple as this sounds, many firms struggle with growth because accessing the right decision maker seems impossible.

Let us handle this tough stuff for you by coordinating profitable sales meetings with your target prospects. 

We deliver warm introductions so you can focus on what really matters — building new relationships and closing more sales.


If you already have an existing business development team, great!  We can enhance your success by teaching proven techniques.

GTM strategy, industry research, targeting companies & executives, uncovering problems/needs, cold emailing, cold calling, meeting setting, following-up, etc.

Truth is, your prospects aren’t interested in a wordy, overly detailed email or phone call.  With cold outreach, less is definitely more!  

We can formulate your “perfect pitch” to articulate an attention-grabbing value proposition clearly and concisely. 


Persuasive email outreach, consistent blogs, and/or captivating social media posts are crucial for your business to amplify reach, build reputation, and create loyalty. 

Our indefatigable Ghostwriter (pictured) can seamlessly and continuously interact with your audience in your own voice, personality, and writing style.

We write the content, you get the credit… it’s that easy.  

Don’t sleep on utilizing this powerful branding opportunity

(awful pun… couldn't resist).


Ruben Acosta has helped organizations expand into new markets and explode sales revenues for two decades... and counting.

Ruben has worked with Fortune 500, Small Business Owners, Startups, Private Equity, Entrepreneurs, and C-Suite executives throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pac.

Ruben is natively fluent in English and Spanish with proficiency in Italian olive oil, French cheese, and Portuguese wine. 

Ruben doesn’t often write in the third person or wear blue suits, but it’s the only professional picture he has and the suit matches the color theme of this website.



If you're interested in discussing how we might help your firm THRIVE, please feel free to reach out!


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